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David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, bestselling author of ten books including three international bestsellers, and a professional speaker on topics including marketing, sales, and social media.

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Injecting personality into your (boring) service offering

This afternoon I opened a new account at name.com. As I was going through the process I noticed fun little tidbits that kept me interested throughout.

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Marketing Basics: The Story Customers Tell Themselves

Stories are universal. No culture has survived without them. They are widely recognized as an essential part of human cognitive development.

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Your Essential Strategic Business Marketing Tool

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Freelance Journalist Survival Guide

The March / April issue of Columbia Journalism Review contained a story about Kyle Chayka, a 26-year-old freelance journalist who makes his living writing for online publications. Survival strategies of an online freelancer is an interesting take on how an independent journalist can make a living writing for media outlets such as Gizmodo, The Daily Beast, and Pacific Standard. But as I was reading, I was struck how Chayka and others like him miss the opportunity to write for publications outside of media companies. They limit their outlets (and income) by not considering content marketing as part of their writing portfolio. 

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The Underwriting: A VC-Backed Novel Shows an Alternative Way to Launch a Product

When you’re new to an industry, you don’t have to play by the rules. You can make up your own or apply ideas from your past experiences. That’s exactly what Michelle Miller did to publish The Underwriting, her first novel releasing later this month.

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From Rejected to a Blog to a NYT Bestselling Author to Walking the Red Carpet at the Oscars

Last night, Julianne Moore won the best actress Oscar for her role as a university professor whose descent into dementia due to early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease was portrayed in the film Still Alice. The amazing backstory behind the award is that all the big publishing houses had rejected Lisa Genova, the author of the novel Still Alice from which the movie was based.

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Optimizing the Past: Content Lessons from the HubSpot Blog Team

Content drives action. Content is the best way to reach buyers. Content is King. (And President and Pope and Queen as well). So how do you create great content? How do you understand your buyers, create compelling content that educates, informs, and entertains them, and then how does that content drive action and grow business? And what are the implications for ROI?

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