I educate, entertain, and inform! I'm an expert on growing fans of any business by applying new tools like Artificial Intelligence and aligning marketing with the way people buy.

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Turning Customers into Fans!

I share how organizations that are human-centered instead of data-obsessed attract radical devotion around products, services, and ideas as diverse as campgrounds, business-to-business software, batteries, and restaurants. I show how and why people become passionate about the things they love. And I teach how any company can harness for itself the most energetic customer force in the world: die-hard fans.

Beyond the Keynote

I'll be there long after the other speakers have left for the airport. I enjoy being a full participant in your event, being with your attendees at meals and breaks, hanging out at the parties and receptions, and meeting people one-on-one in casual encounters in the hallways. I'm happy to do meet and greets, book signings, video or podcast interviews, or other activities that help to make your event great.

Real-Time Mindshift: In-Person Team Coaching Session

Get your team together and roll up your sleeves! I come to your office to coach your team to reimagine ways to reach your audience. Learn to take advantage of new AI-powered marketing and sales realities. Then set your organization up to exceed your goals by implementing new low cost (and no cost) sales and marketing strategies and tactics in that are proven to grow business.

The Perfect Keynote Speech

My keynotes are customized based on the needs of the conference organizer, the geographical location of the talk, and the demographics of the audience. I adapt my presentations in many ways, including the examples of success I showcase, the focus of the talk, the use of specific language and jargon of your industry, even the clothing I choose to wear.

Just A Few Events David Has Spoken At


“...the most practical and powerful marketing presentation I’ve seen...”

"David, you delivered the most practical and powerful marketing presentation I’ve seen. Outstanding! Thank you!”

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

“...'Top Ten’ in Presenter Effectiveness...”

"David knocked our partners’ socks off at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. Out of 231 sessions presented this year at WPC, David again makes it into the coveted ‘Top Ten’ in Presenter Effectiveness. The lessons and examples he gives during his presentation provide our partner channel the insights and actionable tools they need to successfully market their businesses in the ever-evolving digital marketing age."

Megan Casey,  Sales and Marketing Track Manager at Microsoft

Megan Casey, Sales and Marketing Track Manager at Microsoft

“...a rich cocktail of up to date, relevant, memorable and actionable information....”

"David has the unique ability to serve up a rich cocktail of up to date, relevant, memorable and actionable information. His high energy speaking style is engaging, entertaining and enriching. He left the audience spellbound. David got the highest reviews of the 24 speakers we booked."

Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO at Selling Power

Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO at Selling Power

What Makes Me Different?


Top-Rated International Marketing Speaker at Hundreds of Events

From standing ovations, top speaker ratings from attendees, to setting the Twitter event hashtag on fire, I deliver. A deep understanding of new technology like AI allows me to deliver relevant content in an approachable way. My high energy presentations – using bold images, video, fresh ideas and success stories to energize audiences – inspire people to set old ideas and fear aside and use these new tools to achieve real, measurable, no-cost results.


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DMS virtual speaking


Our challenge with virtual events is to focus on what’s possible, not what we already know from in-person events. I know how to use the power of the online medium to create a powerful experience for participants.


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Working with you to make your event great

Leading up to your event, we'll work together at every step to plan the perfect talk for your audience. My role is to educate, inform, and entertain your audience with the right content. Your attendees will become fans of your event as a result! I'm eager to work together with you.


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Learning Outcomes


As an advisor, investor and avid user of the products of marketing AI companies, I have a deep understanding of this new technology. I break through the hype to provide actionable strategies for your audience to put to use right away.

Real-time rules; speed and agility win — not the biggest media budget! Learn low- and no-cost sales and marketing strategies to build business and generate demand.

Learn how to stand out, spread ideas, win hearts and minds, and drive sales by creating content that gets noticed when people are ready to buy.

Turn your customers into fans! The relationship we build with our customers is more important than the products and services we sell them.

Avoid the biggest problem in marketing and sales by focusing on your buyers instead of your company's products and services to grow business.

Learn "Newsjacking," the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story to generate tons of media coverage, get sales leads, and grow business — from the newsjacking master himself.

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I'm available as a keynote speaker as well as for corporate seminars, and virtual event appearances.