Now Is the Best Time to Start

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TCA BrooklineLate last year, Seth Godin invited me to join him as part of the first wave of volunteers to work on what was then a dream: creating The Carbon Almanac. I was eager to help, but I was thinking how daunting the task of writing an important book would be.

Seth said: “let’s get started!”

In much less than a year, an all-volunteer team now numbering in the thousands produced The Carbon Almanac, a defining, bestselling, and now iconic book about carbon and climate change.

We created a world record by hosting book signings in over 100 locations on 6 continents. We started several blogs, a daily email, produced a free photo album, and a free kids’ book. There are over 1,000 entries in our online footnotes so you can check our work.

All profits are being used to give away free books to non-profits, schools, and we’ve started sending copies to government officials including all members of the US Congress.

We didn’t just dream. We didn’t just talk.

We got started!

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You can can get started today

Whatever you are thinking about doing, now is the time to get going.

If you are considering starting a company, writing a book, learning a language, taking up a sport or musical instrument, now is the time to start.

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