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Case Examples

The ideas in my keynote presentations, seminars, bestselling books, and blog are used by marketing people at companies, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organization leaders, authors, members of rock bands, sports team management, and just about anyone who wants to reach people directly and spread ideas.

I show how to harness the power of the Web for success. By creating compelling marketing strategies to reach buyers directly, my ideas have helped:

  • Technology companies increase new sales by millions of dollars a year
  • Product names go from zero to thousands Web mentions
  • Organizations reach number one on Google for their chosen phrase
  • Entrepreneurs sell their companies for tens of millions of dollars
  • Corporations generate millions of hits to their Web site
  • Technology companies launch products and sell to hundreds of clients
  • People earn the top listing in search engines in their chosen market niche

Check out how by reading these case examples:

EMC Corporation and social media marketing

EMC is a big company (revenues in the USD$10 Billion plus range) and is jumping into social media marketing. Unlike other large organizations that are good at making excuses, EMC is good at experimenting.

Top 10 ideas for Century 21 Real Estate to implement The New Rules of Marketing

I provided a response to a comment that was left by Matt Gentile, Director Public Relations and Brand Communications for Century 21 Real Estate LLC on my blog.
Matt asks: "… What I’d like to see from you and the other prophets of social media publish are the top 10 things I can do immediately that will help me spread the gospel of home ownership and drive brand preference to CENTURY 21…" Interestingly, my response quickly reached the first page of the Google results for the phrase “Century 21 Real Estate” a company with 8,000 offices worldwide, proof that new marketing works.

The U.S. Air Force: Armed with social media

Capt. David Faggard, Chief of Emerging Technology at the Air Force Public Affairs Agency in the Pentagon are responsible for developing strategy, policy and plans for the U.S. Air Force. What was most interesting is that with Capt. Faggard leading the way, the Air Force employs 330,000 communicators! Their mission is to use current and developing Web 2.0 applications as a way to actively engage conversations between Airmen and the general public. Yes, that’s right, the goal of the program is that every single Airman is an on-line communicator.

NY Islanders Blog Box – a bold move into social media

In an environment where many organizations are afraid of social media, consider the bold move made by the New York Islanders. The team created what they call the "blog box," providing press credentials for bloggers to attend select games. Bloggers receive a set of game notes just like those provided to regular beat reporters and broadcasters from newspaper and TV. The bloggers have a special section to sit for games, have access to team practices, and opportunities to interview players and coaches after games.

Girls Fight Back!

Erin Weed, founder of Girls Fight Back!, uses her Web site, MySpace and Facebook groups, blog, and YouTube videos as a way to promote women’s safety and self-defense issues.

How Lisa Genova used social media to turn a self-published book into a NY Times bestseller

As a result of buzz created from her blogs, Lisa Genova’s self published book sold at auction in June 2008 for just over half a million dollars to Simon & Schuster and the new edition of the book, released in January 2009, made the New York Times Bestseller list multiple weeks.

Film producer builds pre-release buzz by making soundtrack available for free download

Ryan Gielen, Executive Producer of The Graduates made much the soundtrack of his new film available for free download to get people talking.

How an active Facebook group drove 15,000 people to the Singapore Tattoo Show

The Facebook Group called Tattoo Artistry that was started three months prior to the event and it quickly gained 3,000 members, securing a place as the center of this artwork for the region. In a sense, the physical show started with a virtual group.

Persona focused Web site leads to 4x conversions for RightNow Technologies

In early 2008, Bozeman, MT based RightNow Technologies kicked off a project to rebuild the company Web site around buyer personas, distinct groups of potential customers.

BitDefender and the hip new Malware City site reach internet security geeks

Malware City, launched in mid-2008, focuses on key influencers within the IT security community. The new site was not a redesign of the existing company site, but instead was an informational supplement to the BitDefender main site that is used to sell BitDefender products.

How David Murray found a new job via Twitter

"I guess you could say I used a new tool for old school networking," Murray says. "The response was overwhelming and I received several leads and opportunities that were far more fruitful than my previous attempts [at finding a job]."

Ten marketing lessons from the Barack Obama Presidential campaign

I wanted to make a few observations about why Obama was elected to be the 44th President of the United States. This is a marketing example, not a political one. These are not political observations, but thoughts about marketing. It doesn’t matter who I supported or voted for or who you supported or voted for us all to learn from Obama’s victory.

Gartner fails miserably in product test, immediate action required

Andrew Frank, a Research VP at Gartner "the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company" conducted an interesting experiment in a blog post on October 2 called Which Social Media Monitors Eat Their Own Dog Food? Unfortunately the experiment went terribly awry. After I pointed out the situation, Gartner quickly fixed it.

You will find many more examples on my blog.