Raising the Bar on Virtual Events

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With the pandemic shutting down in-person events around the world, many organizations have taken their events virtual. However, now that audiences have experience participating in virtual events for several months, they are demanding more than just talking to your grandmother on Zoom.

In this video, the first of a series of four about virtual events, I talk with Angel Micarelli, senior vice president of strategy and content at Cramer, a virtual event studio in Boston, on how to make virtual events great.

As audience expectations are changing, those companies that step up to offer a fabulous event build fans! Companies can engage with existing and potential customers through virtual events at a time when they can’t meet with them in person.

The Cramer Boston studio where this video was filmed is state-of-the-art studio space redesigned to incorporate social distancing for maximum safety and functionality. The recent Skillsoft Perspectives 2020 was produced in this studio.

Thank you to the team from Cramer for filming this series with me!

The other three episodes in the series are:

Virtual Event Content. Real Value.

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Producing a Virtual Event

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