Producing a Virtual Event

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Virtual Events

In this video, the final episode in a series of four, I interview TJ Martin, CEO at Cramer, a virtual event studio in Boston on how to make virtual events great. We discuss how to choose a platform to host a virtual event, how to work with a professional studio, and how much these elements should cost.

With the pandemic shutting down in-person events around the world, many organizations have taken their events virtual. However, now that audiences have experience participating in virtual events for several months, they are demanding more than just talking to your grandmother on Zoom.

Paying close attention to production values is an important way to create great events but there is a cost benefit trade off to consider.

TJ says: "“Think of the platform and costs as like building a website. There are different elements that come into the equation: What features, size of the audience, and time. Are there exhibitors or sponsors? Do you need breakout rooms? The needs of a program dictate costs."

As audience expectations are changing, those companies that step up to offer a fabulous event build fans! Companies can engage with existing and potential customers at a time when they can’t meet with them in person.

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