An Incredible Ten Years with the Tony Robbins Business Mastery Community

I write about strategies to turn fans into customers and customers into fans. I also share ways to use real-time strategies to spread ideas, influence minds, and build business.

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with logoMy talk at the Tony Robbins Business Mastery event last week was my tenth anniversary as part of this amazing community. Since 2014, I’ve delivered something like 30 presentations at Business Mastery events in four countries, sharing ideas on how to build fans and grow business with little or no money.

Business Mastery is a five day totally immersive event, with opportunities to participate both in-person and virtually.

Business Mastery Virtual is totally different than other virtual leadership or business training programs.

BM virtual 2024Unlike passively watching a Zoom feed, it’s a completely interactive virtual experience, including one-on-one work with Tony’s trainers, team activities, and many opportunities to interact with other participants.

It includes a dynamic interactive chat plus a Facebook group for back-channel discussions with other participants during sessions with Tony, me, and other presenters like Scott Harris, Todd Hartley, and Keith Cunningham.

Oh, and there’s dancing too!

Strategies to grow business

Over the past decade, I’ve met thousands of small business owners who have been a part of Business Mastery. I’ve seen people learn ideas that help them grow their businesses 30 percent, 50 percent, and more in just a short time after implementing what they learned.

People who work at larger organizations also benefit, with the ideas helping them to be more successful in their organizations.

Others use the knowledge learned to serve at higher levels within their communities, live a better life, and find more free time to do what they love.

DMScott Business Mastery in personI’ve used Tony’s ideas myself. With what I've leaned over the past decade, I’ve simultaneously made more money and had more free time to do what I love (hiking, surfing, going to live music shows to name a few) while also having resources to donate time and money to organizations I care about like the Mamoni Valley Preserve, Geoversity, Grateful Guitars, and others.

At the end of my talk last week, I was surprised and moved when my buddy Scott Harris came out and shared kind words about my ten years with the thousands of participants.

Thank you Tony for developing and continuing to improve Business Mastery. Thank you for giving me the gift of your stage to share ideas with Business Mastery Gladiators from around the world.

Thank you everyone in the Business Mastery community for playing full out. Your enthusiasm for learning and for executing on the ideas is an inspiration. I’ve heard from hundreds of you that my ides have helped you grow your businesses and allowed you to live a better life. This makes me so happy!

Thank you as well to all of Tony’s world-class trainers, the skilled production team that makes me look better than I am, everyone who works with Tony to produce these incredible events, those who share their story from the stage during my talks including Bek, Jon, Russ, Mitch, and Matt, and the photographers including Gavin, Milla, and Rajiv.

As I’ve said hundreds of times at Business Mastery: "You can achieve similar success!”