Clip this coupon for $1 million dollar off Ft Myers FL home

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Here's a clever marketing & PR approach that I really like.

In an economy when there is a glut of luxury homes on the market, what can a homeowner do to make his property stand out? Why, get people talking about it of course!

HouseHomeowner Rich Ricciani created a fun and creative world wide rave by thinking up the idea of running a coupon for $1 million dollars off the price of his $7 million Ft. Myers, FL home in newspapers.

Unlike the vast majority of people who just think of ideas, Rich actually followed through.

This creative approach sure beat simply reducing the price of the home on the real estate Multiple Listing Service database.

Rich worked with Lani Belisle of VIP Realtors to list the home and book the advertising space for the coupon, which initially ran in last Sunday's Ft. Myers News-Press.

Then it was time for Tina Haisman Public Relations to get the word out.

Tina used PRWeb to send a well-written, SEO optimized press release complete with photos, an imbedded YouTube video, and links to the coupon and home web site. "I also used PR MatchPoint to compile a list of real estate writers in the south and northeastern U.S. and I also personally targeted the big news outlets, such as CNN, Fox, NBC and more," Tina says.

The story appeared front page of The Fort Myers News-Press, aired WINK-TV and WFLX-TV, and is being picked up by real estate blogs.


The coupon will run this Sunday in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe. I love the selection of the Globe, chosen because Ft. Myers, FL is the home of the Boston Red Sox Spring Training facility. The choice of running the coupon in the Boston paper an excellent example of buyer persona profiling.


Some may call this a gimmick.

Well, sure. But I think its great. When people are talking about you, your product stands out in a crowded market. And guess what? This kind of marketing is fun! If you're a realtor, it sure beats pounding wooden signs into front yards.

Well done Rich, Tina, and Lani. Let me know when the home sells.