GrokDotCom and the future of Web content

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I've been reading the GrokDotCom site regularly for a while now and find the way that the smart Web site conversion experts at Future Now Inc., the producers of GrokDotCom, put this site together. GrokDotCom represents the future of a content rich marketing site and provides a model for marketers in other industries to aspire to. In fact, this site is better organized than most "content company" sites such as magazines and newspapers.


On the GrokDotCom site you find featured content by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, co-founders of Future Now and authors of the bestselling book Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? This is good stuff and well worth a read, but not that unusual in the world of blogs and content rich web sites.

What is unique and highly valuable is over on the right of the homepage -- aggregated blog and site content from other marketing and communications authors, categorized as "A Day in the Life of a Persuasion Architect".

I had a chance to speak with Bryan Eisenberg about how Future Now puts this site together. "We go through and hand select some of the best blog feeds out there related to marketing, advertising, web technology, word of mouth – everything that a persuasion architect would be interested in," he says. "We work on a publishing schedule with best of the week stories that are brought back by a proprietary scoring algorithm. This content levels the playing field and helps people sort out the signal to noise ratio with blogs."

On The Future Today page, you can see the best of the week and best of the month articles. I really like that GrokDotCom links to other bloggers who write about similar topics. This form of cooperation among content creators is great. Many bloggers and site owners resist linking to others that they see as potential competition.

You can also sign up for GrokDotCom content as an email newsletter (my preferred method of receiving this valuable content, especially when I am on the road and pressed for time).

Thanks Bryan, Jeffrey and team – keep up the good work.