Communications Revolution 2007 - 2013

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With the release of the 4th edition of my book The New Rules of Marketing & PR this week, I've been reflecting on the progress we've made as marketers and entrepreneurs in just a few short years.

We are lucky to be living in the middle of a communications revolution! It is now so much easier to reach buyers than in the old days.

I created this short presentation to illustrate how far we've come.

Direct link to Communications Revolution 2007 – 2013 on SlideShare.

Communications Revolution 2007 - 2013

Imagine, just a few short years ago as I was writing the first edition of New Rules in 2005 and 2006, Facebook was only for students and MySpace had four times as many users as Facebook. Now MySpace has only 32 million users to Facebook’s 1.1 billion.

Twitter didn't even exist as I was writing the first edition, nor did most social networks we use today including Instagram, Google Plus, Foursquare, and SlideShare.

How amazing that in just a few years, inbound marketing and social networking has become mainstream! We are truly living through a communications revolution.

The New Rules of Marketing & PR has sold 300,000 copies in English over four editions and is translated into 25 languages from Bulgarian to Vietnamese.

Thanks to Doug Eymer at EYMER DESIGN Laboratories + Think Tank for the design of the presentation.