Elevator ads? Here is some great data from a company that took the ride

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David Hamm, Director of Global Marketing Communications & Advertising at Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters Company posted this great analysis of elevator advertising. It is worth a read of you've ever wondered how elevator advertising works or thought of trying it.

As many readers of this blog know, I am not a fan of traditional broadcast style advertising. I just think it is wasteful and that Web marketing works better and is far cheaper. That being said, I do see room for highly specific advertising that reaches a targeted buyer persona. I've always been intrigued with those little TV screens in elevators. But does advertising on them really work?

This form of advertising is fascinating because it allows an advertiser to micro-target a specific potential customer. For example, if you know what building in New York City your big prospect is headquartered in, you can cross reference the address to the network to see if they have TVs in the elevators at that building. Factiva went with Captivate Network for their advertising. Imagine broadcasting a message to people every day as they are going to and from their office.

David's post has great data on his campaign. Check it out.

I would encourage anyone who wants to try this to be very careful about creative. Because the audience is so concentrated and they cannot leave the elevator, the ads that you use must not piss people off. The potential to damage your brand with annoying ads is large. Try to provide something of value.