HubSpot Launches ChatSpot, an AI Tool for Natural Language Access to CRM Data

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ChatSpotThis week, HubSpot launched ChatSpot, a new AI tool that makes it easy for HubSpot customers to use natural language prompts to access their marketing, sales, and customer support data in the HubSpot CRM.

As a HubSpot customer, I love this use of AI.

With ChatSpot, company data becomes useful using natural prompts. For example, I could ask: “How many people did I add to my email subscriber list in 2022” Or: “What are my top performing blog posts” Or: “What search engine keywords do I rank highly for”.

Check out the ChatSpot demo by HubSpot CTO Dharmesh Shah

An incredible amount of data resides in HubSpot. Every website interaction, email signup, blog subscription, and much more is logged. In many ways it’s overwhelming. While it has always been possible to access this kind of data in HubSpot, ChatSpot makes it way easier, especially for people like me who aren’t HubSpot power users.

As I’ve said over the past several weeks in my series of posts on AI, I like to think of Artificial Intelligence as simply math applied to data. Most of the buzz in the past several months has been about math applied to data on the public Web, with ChatGPT as the most talked about service.

Far more interesting to me is applying math to proprietary datasets. For example, I used ChatGPT to create the headline for this blog post by dropping the text of the post into the AI engine.

Applying natural language prompts to proprietary data is exactly what ChatSpot is built to do. It can also combine proprietary data from a company with public data to build reports on things like SEO performance.

I’m currently on the waitlist to try ChatSpot. A use case I want to try: Using ChatSpot to query my own 1,000+ blog posts written over 18 years. I have high hopes ChatSpot will help me to unlock a content goldmine of my own writing.

Disclosure: I am on the HubSpot advisory board.

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