Doritos Silent “Crunch Cancelling” Plug-In for Gamers

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Doritos SilentI love the new offering from Doritos. In a fabulous example of deeply understanding a buyer persona, the snack food brand just released a software plug-in that gamers (and others) can use to silence the annoying “crunch” sound when they are gaming or talking.

The Doritos Silent website, says: “You can eat Doritos without the fear of the crunch distracting the people you’re communicating with.”

Understanding the needs of buyers

The way most marketers operate is by making stuff up. They sit in nice comfortable offices and imagine what interests buyers and then create “copy” and “campaigns” typically with the help of equally clueless agencies. But a focus on buyer personas helps eliminate this behavior.

Organizations filled with people who take the time to understand the needs of buyers they wish to reach, and then develop information to educate and inform those buyers, are more successful than organizations that just make stuff up. Buyer personas, the distinct demographic groupings of your potential customers, are critically important for successful marketing that leads to sales success.

Gamers who love to snack on chips are a wonderful example of a buyer persona. And by understanding this unique group, Doritos was able to create something of value that’s getting people talking.

In a press release 'Doritos Silent' Brings Crunch-Cancelling Tech to PC Gamers Around the World, the company released new research that suggests the need for this offering:

  • 85 percent of gamers consistently choose Doritos as their snack of choice.
  • In the UK, 46 percent of gamers dislike the sound of other people eating.
  • In Portugal and Spain, 68 and 64 percent of gamers respectively rank crisps or chips first when asked which food items create the worst noise while they're gaming and the other person is eating.
  • In the US, 30 percent say that other people crunching distracts them from playing well or impacts their performance.

From the site: “Crunch Cancellation software silences the sound of the iconic Doritos crunch. You can eat Doritos without distracting your gaming squad or voice chat party. Turn Crunch Cancellation on and you’re all set. Once your mic is filtered, you’ll be able to chat as normal, but no one will hear you crunch.”

The Doritos Crunch Cancellation is powered by artificial intelligence that has been trained by over 5,000 Doritos crunches(!)

Hat tip to my friend Shelly Palmer for pointing me to this fascinating story.

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