Apple Vision Pro: Is This Really “The Era Of Spatial Computing”?

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Apple Vision ProI took this photo at 11:30 in the morning on February 2, the first day that the much-hyped Apple Vision Pro headset was available for sale in USA Apple stores. My local store in the tech company heavy Boston suburbs was expecting substantial crowds that didn’t materialize.

I shared the photo on my social networking accounts, with the question “Is this really the era of spatial computing?” Many people commented that the $3,500 price point was just too high for most consumers.

I couldn’t try the headset at my local store because I didn’t have an appointment. I thought that was a bit odd since there were only a small handful of customers in the store and plenty of Apple staff.

VF0424_DigitalCoverSome people were wowed by the Apple Vision Pro such as Boston Globe technology reporter Hiawatha Bray, who said: “Apple’s Vision Pro is the most awe-inspiring tech toy in years.”

While others are mocking such as in this article on NotebookCheck: “Slightly weird to extreme cringe: The first Apple Vision Pro users appear in public.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook is obviously bullish on the huge bet he’s placed on this new technology.

One of the most interesting comments I received on my social media posts came from Stuart Trier who said: “Same soft launch happened for the watch, but that has built up over time.” Excellent point, Stuart, that I hadn't considered.

Yes, this isn’t about a launch. Apple is in this for the long haul.

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