This Is a Generic Brand Video

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Rick Friesen sent me awesomeness This Is a Generic Brand Video.

Considering it has 602,000 views in just a week, perhaps you’ve seen it. But it was new to me.

Humor is truth

The reason I think this is hysterical is because it is so spot on. The ridiculous nature of stock photos and stock video is something that all marketers can relate to. Yet many of us still keep using this stuff.

I first wrote about visual gobbledygook in a 2009 Who the hell are these people? It remains one of my most popular posts.

Poking fun

The company behind this video - Dissolve - provides footage on a wide variety of topics for use in television, web, and corporate videos. How cool that they are promoting their business by poking fun at it. And they are getting tons of attention as a result.