How Ocean Frontiers gets dive customers to share on social networks

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This weekend I got my Open Water Scuba certification at Ocean Frontiers Ltd. in the Cayman Islands. I chose Ocean Frontiers because I connected with them on Facebook at the suggestion of a friend and then wrote about how the Ocean Frontiers Green Short Challenge is a terrific way to get people to share on Facebook.

I'm so impressed with how Steve Broadbelt, managing director at Ocean Frontiers builds both online and offline customer relationships with his scuba diving clients, that I interviewed him so you can hear in his own words.

Steve builds a community of divers who share their experiences on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, serving as an authentic way for Ocean Frontiers to get the word out about what they do. After all, Scuba divers are social people.

Direct link to How Ocean Frontiers gets dive customers to share on social networks on YouTube.

Steve and his team at Ocean Frontiers create memories that people will emotionally connect to and that they want to tell all their friends about on social networks. Steve says no amount of print advertising or email blasts can do that.

The Ocean Frontiers success can be applied to businesses of all types. When you create experiences and build relationships with customers they are happy they tweet, like, and share.

Here are links to the Ocean Frontiers social networks we discuss in the video:

Ocean Frontiers site
Ocean Frontiers live reef cam
Ocean Frontiers Facebook
Ocean Frontiers Foursquare
Ocean Frontiers Twitter
Ocean Frontiers blog
The Green Short Challenge

In particular, check out the reef cam. As of this writing, there are more than 400 comments, many are people who take a screen capture of an interesting fish for all to see.