Riding a real time Amazon announcement to reach an influential journalist

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Last week I delivered a keynote about Real-Time Marketing & PR at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Las Vegas.

(Watch this space -- I will be releasing a free video of my presentation in a few weeks.)

Smpt A few days after the talk, Richard Harrison, president of SMTP.com contacted me to say that he had just used one of the techniques I discussed in my talk. Richard leveraged something going on in the news in real-time to get his company noticed.

I'll let Richard tell you what happened:

"After walking out of your Las Vegas Email Summit session, I learned that Amazon had just made an announcement that they were entering the email delivery space," Richard says. "We decided to put out an immediate press release. Our urgency was motivated by your presentation."

Richard sent this release via Marketwire: SMTP, Inc. Welcomes Amazon to the Email Delivery Market.

He received a call from a reporter at ClickZ right away and soon a story appeared featuring his take on the announcement. Will Amazon's Commodity E-mail Service Harm ESPs?

This is a terrific example of the power of real-time. When something is happening in the marketplace, now is the time to react. Not tomorrow. Not after you talk to your bosses or staffers. Not after a meeting with the agency. Now.

"Its all about momentum," Richard says about what he's learned from this experience. "It's hard to create momentum on your own as the small guy. But if someone else creates it, the sooner you can ride it the more you can benefit. Like momentum stocks, you don't know how far they will go, but the sooner you buy the more you make."

Well done, Richard. And well said too. Thanks for sharing.