How Richard Regan uses Twitter to make million-dollar trading decisions

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When I visited the CME Group historic Chicago Board of Trade trading floor earlier this week, I spent time with Richard Regan to learn how he uses Twitter as his primary real-time news service to make million-dollar trading decisions.

Richard relies on a core group of about 40 people who he follows on Twitter. These are people that he trusts to have spent the time to comb through news and identify the stories of importance.

"Twitter has worked out to be a great provider of real-time news," Richard says.

The part about how Richard uses Twitter to make million-dollar trading decisions is at 4:20 in the video. Note the video may take a few moments to load. Direct link here.

Richard developed Pro Trading Course, a real-time online virtual trading room service for up-to-the second instruction on trading futures markets. Traders follow along on the actual screens Richard is using and hear Richard explain via streaming audio as he makes trades live from the floor of the CME Group in Chicago.

It's amazing to learn about the interesting ways that people are using Twitter.

Richard Regan transformed his business with Twitter, and he's in the financial markets.

Amanda Palmer did too – she's the lead singer of the Dresden Dolls and a punk cabaret force of nature.

How about you?

Have you transformed your business with Twitter?