Zoom Virtual Backgrounds Are Terrible For Your Brand

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Northern Lights? A beach with waves and the wind in a palm tree? Your logo? On a Zoom call? If you want to be taken seriously on Zoom, use a real background! Fake virtual backgrounds are cheesy.

Your personal brand is important! On all channels you communicate on you are sharing part of yourself. In our current reality of the Covid-19 world, we’re using Zoom and similar video technologies every day to communicate with colleagues and customers.

Into that world comes the Zoom Virtual Background feature. I'm not sure if people are hiding their environment or they think they're cool. Either way, it doesn't work.

It’s better to be real than to be fake

Sure, your room might be a little messy. And your cat may make an unexpected appearance. That’s okay!

Show us a real background, even if it is just a wall behind you.


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