World’s First Real-Time Data Enabled Toilet Paper Holder!

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IOT-Press release.jpgYes, there’s an app for that.

I’m intrigued by a new smartphone application called I.O. Toilet from Kimberly-Clark Israel’s Lily brand and innovation agency Gefen Team that automatically monitors your use of toilet paper in real-time, provides data for you to analyze (perhaps while you are sitting on the throne), and even orders more T.P. automatically.  

Alert readers know I am a fan of all things real-time so I was sucked in when I saw this. This is very clever marketing assuming that others share like I am doing.

Never Get Caught With Your Pants Down Again

Here’s the press release and video. I couldn’t resist publishing the entire thing.

I.O.TOILET from Gefen Team on Vimeo.

Kimberly-Clark Israel invents the I.O.Toilet - world’s first connected toilet paper holder

The interaction between the consumer and toilet paper hasn’t changed much for the last 160 years.

A Kimberly-Clark brand, Lily - Israel’s leading premium toilet paper brand were looking for a way to reinvent the way we consume toilet paper.

The solution The Lily I.O.Toilet - The world’s first smart connected toilet paper holder which revolutionizes everything we do around toilet paper.

The I.O.Toilet is fitted with sensors inside a standard-sized toilet paper spindle, which measures the exact number of spins. A micro-controller was programmed which calculates the sensors' output and computes it into actual consumption data.

With this data, the device connects to servers via WiFi, uploads it and displays the usage information on a dedicated app developed for Android and iOS.

As a result, the product tracks roll consumption in real-time, gathers usage data, presents bathroom statistics on users’ mobile phones, and even automatically orders new packages of toilet paper before they run out.

The result is a new and innovative channel of consumption between the lily brand and user. The I.O.Toilet is also unique way to reinvent the paper wheel while increasing loyalty to the brand and add value for the consumer. Currently the I.O.Toilet is at pilot stages and testing.

The idea and development of the I.O.Toilet device was done by Tel-Aviv based innovation agency Gefen Team. Thanks to Tzachi Hananya for bringing this awesomeness to our attention.

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