Virtual K-pop Girl Group MAVE Releases First EP “What’s My Name” Today

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MAVE Kpop bandKorean pop music is a global phenomenon with bands racking up billions of YouTube views and creating massive fandoms. Into the mix comes MAVE, a virtual K-pop girl group with their first EP “What’s My Name” dropping today (November 30 at 6:00 pm Korea time).

The “What’s My Name” music video has racked up nearly a million views as I write this, less than 24 hours after the release. Do yourself a favor and watch the video – the music is catchy, and the dancing makes you want to get up and move.


Just a few hours before the release, I had an opportunity to discuss the band with Ryu Jung-hye, Executive Vice President of Metaverse Entertainment, the company that created the AI. I’m in Seoul for the Future Dialogue for Global Innovation event “Popular Culture Shaping Global Values” sponsored by the Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and we both delivered talks at the event.

DMS and RYU“People who like the music and the dance love the band even though it is virtual,” Ryu says. “The question becomes what the music and dance does for you. If you enjoy it, you become a fan.”

Interestingly, fans post dance reaction videos on YouTube to MAVE’s earlier video “Pandora”, proving Ryu’s point on MAVE’s fandom.

I see MAVE as a new form of entertainment. It’s not a replacement for “real” bands in the same way that an animated movie isn’t a replacement for a "real" movie. It’s just different.

The members of MAVE Siu, Zena, Tyra, and Marty each have distinct personalities. Fans will be able to interact with them in multiple languages, and they will respond in that language. There will be a virtual MAVE concert in the new Apple Vision Pro upon release next year.

“This is the creation of something new,” Ryu said. “The future is open to those who see the possibilities.”