New Documentary Short re:connection Explores Video in a Virtual World

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I’m super excited about the release of the short documentary film re:connection. I’m featured in the 15-minute film along with neuroscientists, marketers, content creators (including an 80-year-old TikTok star), and futurists. In it, we explore how video helps us connect and communicate now that the world has gone digital-first.

Here is the re:connection trailer!

This short documentary film explores how leaders and practitioners from every industry can change the way they think about video communication to create a more inclusive and connected business environment.

reconnection_posterre:connection was produced by my friends at Vidyard, a video technology that helps businesses and professionals connect with their audiences in a whole new way through engaging, personalized, and measurable video experiences.

"With the new era of video in business upon us, the re:connection documentary comes at a pivotal time when business leaders need to shift their thinking about the future of work and the role of video in sales and across their business," says Tyler Lessard, chief video strategist for Vidyard and executive producer of the film. "This film includes a wide range of expert perspectives discussing how video helps build trust, empathy and stronger relationships for a digital-first future."

I hope you will take a look at the full re:connection film. I’ve watched it five times now and I love it.


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