My New American Express Business Platinum Card is METAL!

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Amex metalI received a new American Express Business Platinum Card and was delighted to find that it is made out of metal. It’s really substantial, sleek, and stylish. All of a sudden my other credit cards seem mundane. As I was geeking out about a seemingly simple bit of branding, I realized the new metal card is an interesting marketing move by Amex.

I’m surprised by how strongly I’m feeling about this silly credit card. Whenever I hold it, the quality and “wow factor” reminds me of my new iPhone X. It’s well designed and a joy to use.

I’ve been an Amex member since the year I graduated from university, 35 years now. I added the business account back in 2002. The company has given me generally excellent service but with a few frustrations such as the inane Amex opt out policies.

Amex pioneered the metal card years ago with the ultra exclusive American Express Black card. Although the requirements for the Amex Black card aren’t published, rumor is you need to spend $250,000 a year to qualify.

A premium product that feels special

By making the Platinum card metal like the Black one (but not the Gold or Green cards), the company risks alienating the ultra exclusive Black Card customers while making people like me happy.

Amex Business Platinum cards aren’t cheap. There is a $450 annual fee. Basic charging works exactly the same as the green card which is under $100 a year.

For me, the premium services of the Platinum card feel more special to me now that it’s made out of metal. I feel kind of dorky about talking about this but if I’m enjoying the experience, I’d bet others are too. Well done Amex.

What simple change can you make to your product to delight customers?

Image: the Points Guy

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