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Geoversity_landscape.jpgI’m working with the amazing team at Geoversity to launch a new executive program to be held in Panama on February 7 – 12, 2017. We’ve designed The Nature of Business program to focus on what leaders can learn from our biosphere and how we can apply that learning to better run our businesses.

At our gathering, Mother Nature is the teacher and we’ve got a stellar group of thinkers, scientists, designers, artists, and musicians to interpret her teachings. The event will be intimate; just a few dozen people will be able to join us.

Learn more about the program or register now to confirm your space.

The first two days of event will be held at the high tech City of Knowledge, Latin America's leading technology and education park, located near the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. On days three and four we are in for a dramatic change of scenery as we bring our conversation to the rain forest in the 10,000-acre Mamoní Valley Preserve set in one of the world's most important ecological hotspots.

Some of the discussions at The Nature of Business will be led by:

  • Verne Harnish - founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), with over 12,000 members worldwide, and founder and CEO of Gazelles, a global executive education and coaching company with over 180 partners on six continents - will show how nature can guide us in designing more agile organizations.
  • Harvard professor David Ricketts will lead us in how we can take what we know about nature to make our companies more innovative.
  • Anand Devarajan, senior partner with Frank Gehry’s firm, who designed Panama City’s award-winning natural history museum, will talk about how Facebook, Apple and other company’s have brought nature’s teachings to the design of their work spaces. (The photo is me below is with Anand on the right in front of the museum he designed).
  • Jay Harmon, author of The Shark’s Paintbrush, will lead a session of biomimicry and will show us why products modeled after how nature behaves—Velcro being one example—will become a $1 trillion market by 2025.
  • I will be exploring insights to be gained from such natural phenomena as hunting in pods, phenomene trails, decentralized self organization, swarm behavior and other natural techniques to generate attention and engage people.
  • Brian Dumaine, a senior editor at large at Fortune magazine, will moderate the program.

Learning about business from our natural world

IMG_4142.jpgThe Nature of Business program is a part of Geoversity, a non-profit organization working in partnership with Harvard University’s Technology and Entrepreneurship Center to bring business leaders together to learn from the natural world in one of its greatest laboratories.

I’ve been involved with Geoversity from the start and this will be my 4th expedition to Panama. This part of the world has become very important to me and you’re invited to experience this amazing place for yourself.

The 10,000-acre Mamoní Valley Preserve is an ideal site for us to learn and engage. Host to over 100 years of research led by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama is in the most studied tropical biome in the world. No place on the planet offers more scientific and natural resources for learning about the workings and patterns of natural systems. Why settle for a PowerPoint presentation? Join us and actually experience Mother Nature at work in one of her greatest laboratories.

This gathering is a rare opportunity to make connections with other successful and creative business people who have a unique perspective on the world. It is an intimate gathering, limited to only 40 business leaders. It’s an opportunity to unleash our best creative and problem solving talents. There will also be plenty of time for hiking, swimming under waterfalls and listening to musical performances by world-class performers.

Please register now to confirm your space. Or contact me if you’d like more information.

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