Here’s How NOT To Build Fans

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Mountain GazetteDoing what everybody else does won’t build fans. Being like the other guy but faster, cheaper, shinier won’t build fans.

Sometimes, however, you need to point out how you are different and that can be a way to build fans.

Mountain Gazette is my new favorite magazine. Each issue is a huge 11”x17”, like a coffee table book. The long-form articles are unusual and smart and the photography stunning. It’s independently owned and the small team digs producing a magazine celebrating the mountains they love. Founded in 1966 and revived in 2020 for a modern era, Mountain Gazette is the original outdoor magazine.

Mountain Gazette is clever about how they build fans.

Here’s a recent page on their website: 5 Reasons NOT to Try Mountain Gazette

Number 2. You judge the quality of a mountain town by its film festival.

Celebrities and influencers know: a mountain town is only as good as its film festival. The lesser known, the better. Or, maybe its the better known, the better. You'd know better than we would.

We judge a mountain town by its storytellers, its hospitality, the heritage of local businesses, the knowledge tucked away in the minds of its local community, and the character of its people.

MG water bottleCheck out the other 4 Reasons NOT to Try Mountain Gazette here.

Sometimes, saying what you are not by way of comparison works. But it needs to be true.

Disclosure: I love Mountain Gazette so much that I am doing some informal advisory work with owner Mike Rogge, and I am working on an article for an upcoming issue.