Blog redesign on the HubSpot marketing platform

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One of the great things about Web content is that you can constantly change and improve it. I’ve just redesigned my blog, focusing on a cleaner and easier to read look.

HubSpot marketing platform


And after ten years on another platform, I’ve shifted the blog over to HubSpot All-in-one Inbound Marketing software. There wasn’t anything wrong with what I was using in the past, I simply outgrew it after a decade. Being on HubSpot allows me to do many more things, have more control, and allows much greater visibility into my readers than my previous platform.

New, cleaner design


My long-time designer Doug Eymer at Eymer Design helped me take ideas for what I wanted this blog to become and turn it into reality with the new design. I’ve been working with Doug for nearly twenty years, so in particular we focused on making the blog feel a stronger aspect of my total body of work including my site, my social networks like @dmscott on Twitter and my free content such as my SlideShare The New Rules of Selling. Thank you Doug.

Change to email distribution

On my previous blog platform, I used a third party application called Feedblitz to deliver my blog posts to subscribers who preferred to receive my new posts in an email format. Feedblitz is a good service, but with HubSpot offering the email component as part of the package, I’m moving over to HubSpot for blog email distribution.

If you subscribed to this blog via the old platforms, you’ll notice a new look and feel to the emails.

If you want to get updates via email, you can subscribe to instant email notifications on new posts or a weekly recap email. Go to the top right of the blog to sign up. 

Disclosures: My relationships with HubSpot

I'm thrilled to finally move my blog over to  HubSpot marketing software.  

While I'm convinced the move is the best for my blog, I'm biased because I've been an advisor to HubSpot since 2007 and have worked with the company since then on their marketing strategies.

On Wednesday this week, I am speaking at HubSpot's INBOUND 2014, one of the biggest marketing events in the world. 

I wrote Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead with HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan and I wrote the foreword to Inbound Marketing, the book by HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.

If you’re a long time reader of the blog, thank you. And if you’re new to my ideas, welcome!