A Focus On Product Alone Results In A Race To The Bottom

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Summer SaleWhen organizations set out to provide a product or service, they typically make the crucial mistake of believing that they are only there to provide that product or service—as if they’re merely there to fulfill a transaction.

Is this the fastest, biggest, cheapest? Why should I buy your product instead of the other company’s offering?

Frequently, a focus on product attributes alone results in a race to the bottom with the inevitable price discounts and shoddy service. When you train customers to wait for Black Friday sales and other gimmicks, they buy on price.

This is not a way to build fans.

In a world where thousands of brands advertise for our attention every day, we’ve become numb to the many offers presented to us.

For the companies involved, breaking through is tough.

While it’s easy to get sucked into the arms race of offering more, faster, cheaper, bigger, these commoditized approaches open us up to another offering just a bit better.

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