Google News rich story view means new SEO opportunities

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Google News Rich Story ViewI’m a huge Google News geek.

I pop over to Google News when I first open my computer in the morning, again whenever I am away from being online for more than an hour or so, and I’ll jump on from time to time throughout the day. I also have a Google News hotkey on the first screen of my iPhone.

I love knowing what the latest stories are and frequently find newsjacking opportunities this way.

Note that I do not personalize my view of the news. Rather I am looking for serendipity, those news stories that I never could have anticipated.

Google News rich story view

Today, I noticed Google talking up a new feature they call Google News rich story view. It takes a top headline and adds context such as images, videos, related stories, a highly cited article, opinion pieces (including blog posts), and other links.

This is not only cool for a news junkie like me, it also presents interesting opportunities for getting your take into the news cycle.

For example, today there was a story about the health benefits of eating nuts. And on Google News you can see the rich story view that points to related content.

Here’s where somebody who is quick could create an infographic or blog post providing additional information about nuts to add context to the story. How about an infographic on which nuts are most beneficial? What about a doctor posting on her blog about her take on the story? The key is speed. If you're quick, your take just might get indexed in such a way that it appears on the front page of Google News as part of the rich story view.

Thank you Google for this enhancement. It makes my news geekdom even more fun and also provides marketers with new opportunities to get found.

Here's what the rich story looks like for the nut news.

Rich story view example