No Woman No Drive

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In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it is forbidden for women to drive a car.

Though there is no official law banning women from driving, they cannot be issued a drivers license.

Every now and then a brave woman defies the men in her life and risks arrest by going for a public spin. In recent days several women, perhaps aligned with the Women2Drive movement, have publicly tested the ban by driving in full view of the media and the police.

But it is Saudi comedian Hisham Fageeh who has really shined a spotlight on the ban with his fantastic take on Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry”. Fageeh’s YouTube video is at 5 million views in a few days and is climbing fast.

Direct link to No Woman, No Drive on YouTube

Humor is Truth

Sometimes, the best way to promote your cause is to use humor.

Saudi Arabia has the largest number of YouTube views per capita so this video is a great way to bring the issue of women and driving out into the open.