Newsjacking the Republican Presidential Campaign HubSpot Style

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MarketinggraderToday, HubSpot launched the brand new Marketing Grader – a free tool to grade your online marketing. You can read about it on the HubSpot blog.

Newsjacking the Republicans

What I found interesting about the launch was the example they chose to highlight. The info graphic they made shows the Marketing Grader scores for the leading Republican US Presidential candidates.

As we are less than a month away from the Iowa Caucus, the media is focused on who is ahead. There are polls galore looking at who’s up and who’s down. Into that mix comes an analysis of the candidates online marketing.

The infographic is a long shaped image so I have included it as a small size. Click it to expand or download.

It will be fun to see if any journalists pick this up and run with it in a story.

Republican infographic