Long overdue blog redesign

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Dms I've been blogging since 2004 with essentially the same blog design.

I tweaked my blog here and there over the years, but it had more or less been the same since the beginning.

Back in the early days of blogs, everyone said a blog should be 800 pixels wide “so it can fit all computer screens.” I made the fonts very small. I had three columns - the left and the right were navigation and links - but this meant that the main content was very scrunched up in the middle.

Eymer My friend Doug Eymer and I worked on the new design and released it this weekend. We freshened it all up, went to two columns, and made everything easier to read.

In addition, the blog is more consistent with all my other content (all designed by Doug) such as my ebooks, my site, my iPhone & iPad applications, and my TV site.

One thing I regret is naming my blog Web Ink Now. The blog name is not a one I am fond of and it is not a brand that people know. People know the blog I write as "David Meerman Scott's blog." I wish I had just used my name for my blog and its URL. Oh well, I've got too much Search Engine juice to change.

Next, over the coming months, we’re going to re-work my main site.

Over the past 8 years, I've learned that I've got to keep evolving - both my brand and my content. Technology changes. The best way to deliver content evolves. My interests morph. But my blog lives on as an essential way for me to communicate.