How to use text messaging and Twitter DMs to reach reporters in real time

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Shutterstock_smartphone I've said many times that the best way to reach reporters is when they are looking for what you have. It's real-time communication with reporters when they are working on a story that gets you (or your clients) into the news.

Yet there are so few PR people who work with reporters in real-time. Mostly PR people like the traditional pitch. However, that doesn't work so well because you are trying to interrupt reporters so that they will pay attention to you.

How about turning that around? Why not pay attention to reporters! See what they are tweeting about. Read their most recent blog post or the latest thing they posted to the Web. That’s your clue. Then reach out.

When I was in Munich recently speaking at the International Health Forum, I had a chance to connect with David Lowey who is Managing Director, Digital, for the EMEA region for Fleishman Hillard.

David told me about working on the iPhone launch with Fleishman Hillard client AT&T. His team connected to reporters in real-time via text message and Twitter Direct Message to offer up information or spokespeople at the precise moment that the reporters needed the information.

I found it so interesting that I asked David to explain to us on video. The second half of the video we talk about some of the technologies in use at sophisticated companies.

Direct link to video on YouTube.

How about you? Are you reaching reporters in real-time?

Image: Shutterstock / Ilin Sergey