Switch from features to buyer personas results in 3x click-through for Brand Regard web site

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Brand regard Geir Freysson, CEO of Transmit, an Icelandic software company tells us that applying a buyer persona based approach to the homepage for his Brand Regard site resulted in a three-fold increase in the number of people clicking through to the landing pages!

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Brand Regard went from feature based information paths:

Access anywhere
Cost effective

To buyer persona based information paths:

Brand managers
Creative directors
Brand agencies
Marketing directors

That simple switch, with all other aspects of the homepage being the same, made all the difference.

This is a terrific example of what I’ve been saying for years – nobody cares about your products but you. Instead, people care about themselves and solving their problems.

I asked Geir for his advice to others who want to implement a buyer persona based approach:

“Test against different types of content: Are your buyer persona links performing better than some other content that could be a better use of your screen real-estate? For us the answer was yes.”

“Track specific persona clicks: Which ones are getting the most clicks and conversions? This can be valuable market research.”

“Test different personas: We only have room for four in our design but our buyer persona research is an ongoing process and we'll be testing more personas to see which perform the best for our specific market, brand asset management.”

“If you have lots of personas, include a generic one so that every visitor will find a link that appeals. If your personas are too specific an unknown persona might visit your site, not find a link that appeals and leave.”

Nice! Congrats Geir. And thanks so much for sharing your success.