How Mike Pownall uses Twitter to reach horse owners and grow business

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Last week, I delivered a full day New Rules of Marketing Masterclass for a group of 200 veterinarians brought together by Veterinary Study Groups.

I enjoyed this gig because many in the audience are both practitioners and practice owners. So they understand both the content creation side of new marketing as well as the business benefits. The enthusiasm was amazing.

Nobody "proves" the value of engaging buyers on the web for vets better than Mike Pownall, DVM, of McKee Pownall Equine Services, with five locations in the Toronto area.

Here's the punch line. McKee Pownall Equine Services is growing quickly because people find them online. This in a down market when other vets at the conference told me they were struggling in the current economy.

Here's a short video where Mike talks about how he uses social media, especially Twitter to reach horse owners in Toronto which leads directly to business growth.

Direct link to Mike Pownall, DVM on using Twitter to reach horse owners on YouTube.

Video notes:
Filmed with a Kodak PlaySport.

I forgot to take a look at the background before I filmed Mike. Stupid. You'll see at the beginning of the video there is a distracting light fixture over Mike's head. I realized that as I was filming and shifted over a bit to get the great black background. This reminds me once again to take a moment to set up a shot!