11 Real Life Examples of Marketing Success

I write about strategies to turn fans into customers and customers into fans. I also share ways to use real-time strategies to spread ideas, influence minds, and build business.

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My good friends over at HubSpot just published an ebook that I helped to write called 11 Real-life Examples of Marketing Success: From Contests and Video to Keyword Research & Blogging.

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Success When I travel the world to deliver speeches and have opportunities to meet people, one thing consistent theme is that people love hearing examples of others’ success.

People don’t want to hear the “expert opinion” they want to hear how other marketers or business owners just like them have created something interesting on the Web that brands their organization as one that’s worthy of doing business with.

I have the honor in this ebook to showcase some terrific examples of innovative people building successful marketing and PR programs on the Web. You'll learn from people at Fortune 500 companies and at businesses with just a handful of employees. You'll hear from a musician and a museum. From an ecommerce company and several B2B outfits.

As you read the stories of success, remember that you will learn from them even if they come from a very different market, industry, or type of organization than your own. Nonprofits can learn from the experiences of corporations. Consultants will gain insight from the success of rock bands.

In fact, I'm absolutely convinced that you will learn more by emulating successful ideas from outside your industry than by copying what your nearest competitor is doing.

Remember, the best thing about new marketing is that your competitors probably don't know about these techniques yet.

I'm participating in a free Webinar hosted by HubSpot on January 31, 2011 to discuss some of the examples in the ebook. Register for the Webinar here.

Download Examples of Marketing Success now. (No registration required).