How to crowdsource videos for your company

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Wouldn’t it be cool if people created videos for you? Perhaps like HP, you could hold a contest to get students to put forward their best efforts.

The contest was simple. "Present an idea which promotes HP Workstations ability to bring to life anything the creative mind can conceive." This video filmed, edited and directed by Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth for the contest is just terrific.

Please take a just 80 seconds to watch this amazing video.

Direct link to HP Invent video by Matt and Tom here.

While in Amsterdam this past week, I met Jan-Paul de Beer of BrandFighters, a company that helps companies create video contests. In this video interview, I ask Jan-Paul about the video contests his company runs.

I especially like what he did for Heineken. The contest was to produce a new “walking refrigerator” (What Men Rally Want) video. The winning entry is really fun. I hope you watch the interview, which is just 5 minutes, but you can jump to the end to see the winning Heineken video if you prefer.

Direct link to interview with Jan-Paul de Beer.

See the other entries in the Heineken video contest organized by BrandFighters.

Jan-Paul says the filmmakers not only gets prize money if they win, but can also become famous. How else can a young filmmaker have an opportunity to make a film for a big brand?

For the brand, Jan-Paul says a big benefit is that you can interact with your target audience (buyer personas).