When marketing in the Netherlands you need to get Hyves

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While in the Netherlands conducting a full-day seminar and presenting at several other events last week, I had an opportunity to learn a bit about Hyves.

The reach of Hyves is amazing.

Radio Netherlands says one in three Dutch are on the social networking site. It is the second most visited site in the Netherlands after Google, but in terms of time spent, it is certainly tops. And Hyves has more users in the Netherlands than the other major social networking sites Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter combined.

If you do business in the Netherlands, you need to consider Hyves in your marketing mix.

To learn more about Hyves, I spoke with Remco Janssen, a journalist and PR 2.0 expert. We spoke in a beautiful cafe in Amsterdam and I captured part of the conversation on my Flip video camera.

Direct link to the video here.

I'm always amazed at how marketing in different parts of the world requires adaptation. I lived in Asia for nearly ten years, most of that time as Asia Marketing Director for Knight-Ridder. When working in Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Honk Kong, Australia, and the other countries in the Asia-Pac region, it always required going local in some way.

If you're in the global markets, localization is important. Yet many marketers assume that one size fits all.

Do you have any other examples of localization to share?