New GM emerges in mainstream media and social media alike

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ReinventionToday, the "New GM" emerged from bankruptcy. The re: invention process has been swift.

I was particularly interested to see that GM CEO Fritz Henderson not only did the typical news conference for mainstream media reporters today, he also answered questions for a half hour this afternoon on Twitter with the #fritz hashtag.

I asked this question:

New GM #fritz @gmblogs The brands spend huge amounts of $$ on TV commercials & TV sponsorship. How can you know this approach is effective?

And I was pleased to get this answer in return:

there is a role for such spending, but we also must explore social media and other direct forms

It's exciting to me that GM is indeed listening all the way to the top. I was critical of the company last month in my post Attention GM: Here are the top 5 marketing ideas for your reinvention.

ReprogressSince then, I've seen progress. Christopher Barger, Director, Global Social Media at GM has engaged with me several times. And now I have my tweet replied to by the CEO of the company. Pretty cool.