My new book World Wide Rave free on Amazon Kindle

I write about strategies to turn fans into customers and customers into fans. I also share ways to use real-time strategies to spread ideas, influence minds, and build business.

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Starting today, and for the next five days, my new book World Wide Rave: Creating triggers that get millions of people to spread your ideas and share your stories will be free on Amazon Kindle. If you have a Kindle, please download it and tell your friends.

My publisher, John Wiley & Sons is very supportive of this initiative. As I've said many times on this blog, free content sells content.

I am hopeful that people might blog and tweet about the free Kindle download which will get people talking about my book World Wide Rave. I'm confident that we will sell more hardcover copies of World Wide Rave as a result of this. Yes, this is counter-intuitive, but the best online marketing ideas often are.

I chose this five-day period for several reasons. First, the new Kindle 2 was released a few weeks ago, so I wanted to ride that wave a little. And second, I have three book-launch events during this period. Today in New York City, tomorrow in Boston and Saturday at South-by-Southwest, so I can tell the audience in each city about the free Kindle download.

The free Kindle download is scheduled to end on Sunday March 15, 2009.