Steve Chazin, former Apple Marketing executive, releases MarketingApple blog and ebook: Secrets of the World's Best Marketing Machine

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My friend Steve Chazin just launched a really cool new blog called MarketingApple. He also a released an ebook today called Marketing Apple: 5 Secrets of the World’s Best Marketing Machine. Steve's blog and ebook are definitely worth a look for two important reasons.

Steve understand how Apple markets products and he does it from the position of an insider. His five secrets, which are both interesting and relevant for marketing professionals, are packaged to make it easy to learn how Apple operates.


The other reason to check out Steve’s blog and ebook is to see how he put together the content. This is a nice crisp design that shows off the text content with stunning clarity. If Apple were to do a blog and ebook to share the secrets of marketing, this is what it would look like.

Steve spent nearly a decade at Apple where he managed a New England sales territory, drove a strategic partnership with the Harvard Business School, and worked with Steve Jobs to rebuild Apple's marketing efforts which helped return the company to profitability in the late 1990s.

MarketingApple.com is a new site open to anyone who wants to learn and implement some of the techniques that has made Apple, Inc. the world’s best marketing machine. Steve’s first-hand knowledge of how Apple turned the company around by better marketing is a must read.

These days, Steve is a source for reporters looking for insights into Apple’s marketing and he also speaks about the topic at conferences. Steve is also Vice President of Marketing at TubesNow.com, a Web company that makes sharing, publishing, and subscribing to content easy, manageable and fun.

I spoke with Steve early this week and he shared with me why he’s doing this. "Apple is a perfect example of what good design and good marketing can do when you tie them both together. My background and my love for the company puts me in a unique position to help others embrace a similar approach. And I love helping other fellow marketers look good!"

Check out Steve's MarketingApple blog and download his ebook.

Disclosures: Steve Chazin is my friend and I helped him with the strategy to get his MarketingApple ideas into the marketplace. I have done work for Steve's current company TubesNow.com.