Here's why I don't have my own podcast!

I write about strategies to turn fans into customers and customers into fans. I also share ways to use real-time strategies to spread ideas, influence minds, and build business.

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Readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of using online thought leadership and viral marketing strategies as marketing tools. Online media such as blogs, content rich websites, ebooks, podcasts, YouTube video, and social networking sites all have a power to tell a story and to brand any organization as real and authentic and one worth of doing business with. Organizations that use this form of marketing do not interrupt people with "messages." Instead they deliver information that people want to consume.

Alas, we've only got so many hours in a day. I don't do all of the things that I write about in my book and on this blog. (OK, I admit it...) Yes, I blog and it is very important to me. But I've only ventured into Second Life a handful of times. I work hard on producing an ebook every now and then because my first one The New Rules of PR ebook (released in early 2006) has been downloaded 250,000 times, moving my business forward significantly.

I don't have my own podcast. Not enough time, I’m afraid.

But I have something that I think is much better: friends and colleagues with terrific podcasts who I am flattered have invited me to chat with them on their shows. I'm fortunate to have appeared on some of the best marketing podcasts around. For me, being an interloping guest is more fun than hosting a regular show anyway.

Check out these podcasts. You don't need to listen to the show I'm on (yikes – how boring to hear much of the same stuff over and over again). But do check out these podcasts. They are worth your time.


Jennifer Jones is the host of Marketing Voices, a PodTech.net social media show. Jennifer and I discuss what it takes to make it in PR and marketing today. According to Jennifer, this show has "Lots of good tips." And thanks to Robert Scoble for introducing me to Jennifer.


In the GrokDotCom GrokCast, I speak with Robert Gorell about how marketing and public relations have become more conversational than ever, and how to not let these new opportunities to relate to customers slip by your company's radar. We had so much fun that we did a part two where we discuss how marketing and public relations needs to be a real interaction with not only your customers, but the people who move your industry.


Carmine Gallo interviews me in his show Useful Commute: The New Rules of Marketing and PR on BNET (a CNET podcast channel). Carmine is a real pro, having worked in radio and TV, so if you want to hear what a well-produced podcast sounds like, check this one out.


On the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I speak with John Jantsch about online marketing. We take a close look at the use of blogs, podcasts, RSS, wikis, press releases and the like in promoting products and services directly to the end user. I've followed John's blog for a while, so it was fun to speak with him on the show.


In Tech PR War Stories, Paul Gillin (author of The New Influencers) and David Strom speak with me about I used the ideas in my books to win election to MarketingSherpa's Viral Hall of Fame two years running. We also discuss the importance of search engine strategies to public relations and wonder why more PR professionals don't consider the techniques that buyers use to find products and services when they create their press releases. We kept the machine running and in part two we discussed how marketing folks have to reach out to ordinary people (and potential customers) for their press sections of their Web sites. These pages get the most traffic and show how everyone is now a publisher and can go directly to their audiences.


In Online Marketing with RSS Ray, I discuss the New The New Rules of Marketing & PR and using online content to grow your business. This show is distributed on the very popular wsRadio.com network.


John Wall, the host of The M Show and co-host (with Christopher Penn) of the Marketing Over Coffee show, helped me write the podcasting chapter in my book The New Rules of Marketing & PR (thanks John). We try to connect for lunch about once a quarter to compare notes about online marketing, and this time we just recorded the chat which John put onto his show.


In my conversation with The Blog Squad (Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff) we try to answer the following questions: What does it take to get your business online? How do you leverage the Internet to attract more clients, expand your network, and make more money? What are the different tools you need to master? This one is particularly cool because they produced a transcript!


My friend Brian Carroll (author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale) caught up several months ago just as my new book was coming out. I like speaking with Brian because he is a B2B sales expert and we always end up comparing notes about how marketing and sales can work better together.


In the Communication Steroids Podcast, co-hosts Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon and Roger Pike look deeper into Communication Best Practices, Communication in the Workplace, Communication Strategies, Communications Training, Fear of Public Speaking, Assertive Communication Skills and Public Speaking Tips. We discussed speaking at tradeshows and conferences.

Thank you to all of you for having me on your shows. Keep it up! You are doing a service to marketers who want to learn more.

(And you also give me an opportunity to get my voice out there without the need for my own show!)