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An overview of my real-time sales and marketing presentations

This is the video I use with meeting planners and speakers bureaus around the world to illustrate my topic and show my style.

David Meerman Scott – Real-Time Sales and Marketing Speaker

An example of a (short) keynote speech about agile sales and marketing

In front of some 10,000 people at Inbound 2014 (where I presented between the band OK Go and Malcolm Gladwell), I talked about the convergence of marketing and sales on the web. Today buyers dictate how they choose companies, products, and services, and online content drives action. I used examples from Quark Expeditions, Cervelo, and OPEN Cycle to illustrate my points and interviewed Gerard Vroomen, co-founder of Cervelo and OPEN from the stage.

The convergence of sales and marketing – David Meerman Scott keynotes Inbound 2014

The New Rules of Selling

JJ Ramberg interviewed me on her MSNBC program Your Business. In this segment, I shared some of the sales strategies entrepreneurs and salespeople should consider to implement the strategies from my 2014 new book, The New Rules of Sales and Service.

The New Rules of Sales on MSNBC Your Business with JJ Ramberg

Creating keynotes for each audience

My keynotes are always customized based on the needs of the conference organizer, the geographical location of the talk, and the demographics of the audience. I adapt my presentations in many ways, including the examples of success I showcase, the focus of the talk, the use of specific language and jargon of the industry, even the clothing I choose to wear.

How I create a perfect keynote

In this short introductory video, I talk about how I put my keynote speeches together, with a focus on helping conference organizers plan a perfect event. My presentations include three elements: Information, Entertainment, and Motivation.


Inbound 2012 keynote featuring Cyndi Lauper

I kicked off HubSpot’s Inbound 2012 conference in Boston with a keynote for 2,500 people titled “Inbound Now” detailing how to get found as people search for products and services on the Web and mobile devices like Androids and iPads. The finale of my talk includes a live Q&A with music icon Cyndi Lauper about how she stays relevant and how she reaches her fans through social media (at 40:45). The interview was followed by Cyndi’s live performance of “Crossroads” with her band including blues harmonica legend Charlie Musselwhite (at 45:10).
This talk was tailored to entrepreneurs and marketers in entrepreneurial businesses located in North America.


LinkedIn B2B Connect Keynote

I speak to 250 senior marketing executives as I keynote the LinkedIn B2B Connect 2012 conference.
This talk was tailored to business-to-business marketers who are LinkedIn customers in India.


TEDx The Need to Explore

I speak about the three eras of human exploration and how they relate to advancements in communications.
This talk was tailored to call every audience member to action.


2012 NAMM show keynote

The NAMM Show is one of the largest music product trade shows in the world, founded in 1901. My interactive presentation to more than 1,200 audience members Real-Time Marketing & PR (based on my bestselling book with the same title) showed how to instantly engage your Market, connect with customers, and create products that grow your business now. The presentation shows how to develop a marketing strategy to reach business-to-consumer (B2C) buyers through social media.
This talk was tailored to owners of music stores from around the world.


SXSW 2012 Newsjacking talk

My talk at the 2012 South-by-Southwest Interactive Conference (SXSW) called Newsjacking: How to Inject your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage.


Crowdsourced multiple camera angle trailer

A short trailer introducing my crowdsourced keynote speech about Real-Time Marketing & PR. A dozen people in the audience filmed the talk from different locations and nearly 100 tweeted it live.


The full keynote via crowdsourced video

The full crowdsourced shows the power of Twitter and multiple audience camera angles.


Some older videos I made which you might enjoy

Over 100 people from all seven continents contribute to show how people spread ideas and tell stories. Learn more in the new book World Wide Rave by David Meerman Scott.

Riding the Rave part 1: You know when your marketing agency or business partner just doesn’t get it? It’s frustrating as hell. David Meerman Scott, with his friends Tim Washer and Scott Teems, put together a three part video series to show the absurdity of working with others. This is part one.

Riding the Rave Part 2: You know how sometimes plans get in the way of action? The discussions become circular very quickly. This is part two of the three part series.

Have you ever been in a discussion where the idea becomes more important than the goal? The conversation goes down a rat hole very quickly. David Meerman Scott worked with friends Tim Washer and Scott Teems to put together a three part video series to show the absurdity of working with others. This is part three.