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Unleash the Power Within

I write about strategies to turn fans into customers and customers into fans. I also share ways to use real-time strategies to spread ideas, influence minds, and build business.

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TonyRobbinsThis past weekend, I participated in a four-day Tony Robbins seminar called Unleash the Power Within. It’s an intense, high-energy event focused on the breakthroughs that transform your business, health, and personal life. I participated with my wife Yukari Watanabe Scott.

I was not a speaker at UPW, so I was all in with the program! I’m struck by how well Tony’s ideas apply to those who are still doing the same old things. It’s about momentum. We need a catalyst to change, to do something different and UPW helps you to make lasting change. 

I was exposed to Tony’s ideas because I have the honor of speaking at each of his Business Mastery programs throughout 2014 and 2015. Over four days and four nights, Business Mastery is designed to arm your business with the strategies and psychology for thriving, and not just surviving, in any economy. If you’re interested, Business Mastery is being held in London and Melbourne in June 2015 and in Las Vegas in August 2015.

Learning how to do things differently

As I wrote on Friday: How's that working for you?, the reality is most people get stuck doing the same things again and again even when they stop being effective.

As Tony says, “All progress is about breaking patterns.”

It’s about understanding that fear is controlling you. When you are reluctant, instead of not starting at all or quitting before you give it a chance, manage your fear. Analyze your hesitancy. Why are you fearful?

To truly achieve greatness in the form of personal fulfillment, you must act. That might mean you are a pioneer, a rebel, an instigator. You may need to challenge the status quo and make a difference in the world.

Walking on fire to show you can move beyond your fears

Late at night on the first day of Unleash the Power within, after Tony’s been on stage for some ten hours without a break(!), participants can choose to walk on fire. My wife and I both did it and it was a remarkable experience we will remember forever.

Humans are not supposed to touch fire and here we all were, many thousands of us, screaming as we participated in this seemingly insane activity. It’s difficult to get your mind around walking on fire. Yet it is a remarkable way to teach that we can do anything if we overcome our fears and embrace something new.

"We are trained, almost innately, to be scared of fire and to keep away from it,” Tony says. “That is why walking through a pathway of fire is a powerful expression of moving beyond one's fears. Walking over any hot surface does encompass some risks, but it has been done safely for centuries, and when administered properly can have enormous value as a reminder of what we are truly capable of. And again, it's not some magical mind-over-matter process. As I tell people in our events... anyone can walk on fire! Anyone can also be up at 5 a.m. excited about their life! Anyone can start their day with a killer workout! Anyone can find a way to master a craft and find meaning in their work! Anyone can have a passionate and loving relationship! Anyone can, but... few people do! What people can do is amazing... what they will do is too often disappointing.

My role, and the role of these seminars is to teach people for four days the tools and strategies for improving their bodies, relationships, finances, career and their life. The fire walk is just one portion of one evening where they get to apply their tools of overcoming fear and taking the first step."

Tony's ideas have helped me and my business and I thank him for that. I love my time with the community at his events and I always return home energised, refreshed, and ready to do more!

Your job is to overcome your fears, to challenge your beliefs, and to try something new. There’s no question you can achieve amazing things such as walking barefoot over 1,200 degree coals.


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