These Are The Good Old Days

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Good Old DaysMy friend, HubSpot co-founder and Executive Chairperson Brian Halligan, who is my co-author on our book Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead loves the expression: “These are the Good Old Days!”

Brian says that a lot, and he means it. Brian is always upbeat even during adversity.

For me, having a positive, upbeat approach to life means I’m focused on the moment. I know I can’t change the past and I can’t do much about the future besides some preparing.

What I can change is what I do and how I feel right now, in this moment.

Meaningful daily encounters create the good old days

My wife Yukari has taught me a lot about being kind to everyone I encounter, something she has been doing naturally since I met her more than thirty years ago. Having a smile and a few words for the checkout clerk, the TSA agent, or the person next to me in line brightens not only their day, but mine.

Wonderful experiences create the good old days

Lately I’ve been conscious of how I spend money. I actively hesitate if the money I’m about to spend is for an object. However, I’m always eager to spend money on experiences such as a meal out with my family or a live music show with friends.

Helping other people succeed create the good old days

Many of these ideas are also true in my work. When I focus on helping people, my business thrives. When I focus on making money, things don’t always work out.

As I look back, I can say that each year or era of my life were the good old days.

And these are the good old days too… right now!

Even with COVID forcing cancellations of the things I love like live music and delivering in-person talks I feel fortunate to be able to serve others and to create the good old days.

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