Product Simplicity Is Great Marketing

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Speed Queen washer and dryerWe have a Speed Queen washing machine and we love it because it is so darned simple! There are no stupid touch screens with a bunch of silly options. There’s no smartphone app. It’s just a reliable and easy to use washer.

Year after year the products we use get more and more complicated. Is that what we really want? I sure don't!

The owner’s manual for my car is more than 500 pages long. A Starbucks app on my Fitbit smartwatch? Why? Every new version of Microsoft PowerPoint and Word has a bunch of new stuff I don’t care about but makes it more difficult to use what I do

television remotes 2Don’t get me started with the remotes. I have three. For one screen. One controls the screen. One controls the cable box. One controls the audio. They don’t talk to one another. And no, I don’t want to get some feature bloated universal remote that’s even more complicated.

I can make this stuff work if I take my valuable time to do so. I just don’t want to spend time to learn how to use all this stuff!

That's why I love our simple Speed Queen washing machine. I don’t need to set the washing machine to start at a time in the future so I’m glad the feature isn't there. I love the analog controls so I’m happy there’s no touch screen. I certainly don’t need to monitor the wash when I’m away via an app on my phone.

Marketing is about understanding buyers

Speed Queen controlsNot everybody wants more and more features.

My wife and I just want to wash our clothes. Old style.

People like us want simplicity.

There’s a market for super simple products. Speed Queen washers and dryers are simple and reliable. They aren’t cheap!  People love them and they have a great business.

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