Elegant Ways to Create Calls-to-Action in Clubhouse and on Podcasts

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shutterstock_mask and smartphone1933416374Audio social media is booming. New podcasts are started every day and established show hosts tell me their listener numbers are rising. At the same time, the Clubhouse app is one of the fastest growing social networks ever. Perhaps it’s the pandemic and people with time to explore? Whatever the reason, audio is hot right now. However, many marketers struggle with how to effectively move people from audio to a place where they can learn more.

I’ve found several elegant solutions to the challenge of how to market to people via audio. The key is to make the offer something of value that listeners will appreciate. Don’t try to sell and don’t require inane registration requirements so you can “generate leads”. Educate and inform instead of interrupt and sell.

When you move somebody from audio content, the Call-to-Action will need to be super easy to remember by people who might be driving in their car listening to a podcast or busy talking on Clubhouse. Here are several options:


Create a unique URL

Fanocracy siteA tried-and-true method to deliver information is to use a unique Web address. With so many new top-level domains opening up, you shouldn’t have a problem scoring a memorable URL to share with listeners.

For example, to share videos, infographics, and an excerpt of my book Fanocracy, I share the URL ‘Fanocracy dot com’ to listeners. I frequently appear as a guest on other people’s podcasts talking about my various books, and it’s super easy for me or the host to mention that if people want to learn more about Fanocracy that they can go to ‘Fanocracy dot com’.

Sometimes, you want to share content on an inner landing page that is difficult to remember. With domain forwarding, you don’t need to make a new website. You can create a landing page on your main site and then use the new and memorable URL you create as your audio call-to-action which redirects to place that people can learn more.


Short form text messaging opt-in

Textiful-4-1Another great way to connect with people on audio apps is via short form text. This is particularly valuable for use on Clubhouse because the Clubhouse app only works on a smartphone, so people already have the device ready to go.

When people listening in to an interesting Clubhouse discussion and a speaker makes an appropriate and valuable offer that is fulfilled by text, lots of people will opt-in because it is so easy.

Many services exist to allow for an easy to remember word of your choice to be texted to a five- or six-digit number making it super simple for people to sign up.

Prior to the release of Fanocracy, I used this method to share the slides of my early Fanocracy talks by saying from the stage “If you would like to receive my slides from today’s talk, please text the word ‘fan’ to this six-digit number…” I regularly received better than a 50 percent response rate!

I used Textiful, a service that supports U.S.- and Canada-based mobile phone numbers and make it work seamlessly with my HubSpot CRM. A simple to implement hook to synch Textiful to HubSpot automates a process that worked like this:

  1. People would text the word ‘fan’ to the short code.
  2. Textiful would immediately respond via test with the required opt-in permission request.
  3. Once they agree to receive messages from me, Textiful automatically sends a second text from me reminding them of the slide offer and requesting their email address for fulfillment.
  4. When they provide an email address via text, Textiful passes the email over to HubSpot and a link to download my slides is sent via email to the person who requested my slides.

I was fascinated to learn that the vast majority of people would sign up to get my slides in real-time immediately as I made the offer from the stage. That meant that more than half of the audience had a link to my slides in their in-box before I even left the stage!

This exact same process works brilliantly to offer content of value from Clubhouse.

I’d be interested to learn of other easy ways to share content via audio social networks – please share as a comment below.

Disclosure: I serve as an advisor to HubSpot.

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