Business to Business? Or People to People?

I write about strategies to turn fans into customers and customers into fans. I also share ways to use real-time strategies to spread ideas, influence minds, and build business.

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B2BIf you are working in a so-called business-to-business marketing and sales environment, it’s essential that you always remember that you are not marketing or selling to IBM or a hospital or a restaurant chain. You are always marketing and selling to people.

Most of my career has been focused on business-to-business marketing and sales. For over three decades, I’ve seen hundreds of marketers and salespeople make the mistake of treating business-to-business marketing and sales as somehow different.

For some reason, we turn off our brains when trying to reach, say, Chief Information Officers in a way we never would when they are trying to reach, say, surfers. We vague up the language with mission-critical, cutting-edge, best-of-breed gobbledygook. We get all serious, forgetting to create something engaging and interesting. We prattle on about products instead of educating and informing.

B2B is usually boring!


The secret to awesome B2B sales and marketing

We need to connect with people.

In all marketing and sales, your job is to understand your existing and potential customers and create compelling experiences for them!

People want to do business with people and the companies that understand that in the B2B world develop a following.

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