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Creating Ridiculously Good Content the Ann Handley way

I write about strategies to turn fans into customers and customers into fans. I also share ways to use real-time strategies to spread ideas, influence minds, and build business.

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The very clever Ann Handley has a new book due out in the next few days. I’ve seen an early copy and it is terrific.

Everybody WritesEverybody Writes is your go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content to market you and your business.

With wisdom and an infective wittiness, Ann shows you how to take your writing from awkward or awful to electric or elegant. She’s your favorite teacher, cracking you up while her tough love gets you to do the work to improve.

As Ann says: “If you have a web site, you are a publisher. If you are on social media, you are in marketing. And that means that we are all relying on our words to carry our marketing messages. We are all writers.”

A writing guide for those who hate writing guides

Gathering dust on my (physical) bookshelf I have copies of the two books that my professors told me I needed to learn to write: The Chicago Manual of Style and Stunk & White’s The Elements of Style. Bo-ring! I couldn’t get through them. And I could care less about the “rules” of writing.

Ann’s book Everybody Writes is different. It is practical and approachable for those of us who just want to write well and don’t aspire to a PhD in English.

Ann doesn’t mess around with stuff you don’t need but she slaps you around (in a nice way) to get you thinking about what you can do to express well yourself using words.

Disclosure: Ann is a friend and I wrote the foreword to her previous book Content Rules.

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