Injecting humor into your product descriptions

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IN1 caseI just purchased an IN1 multi-tool utility case for my iPhone.

It’s a cool product that stores pens, screwdrivers, scissors and other small accessories into an iPhone case. Kind of like a Swiss Army Knife for your smartphone.

I wasn’t going to buy it because I thought for sure I couldn’t bring it onto an airplane.

The product description sold me because I loved the writing so much that I actually read down to the part about being TSA compliant.

"So whilst the in1 case won't assist you in removing and rebuilding a gearbox from a 1985 GMC Pacer or help you slay, skin and cook a wildebeest, they will help with day to day tasks such as writing notes and cutting open packages. Also by leaving the Cross Bow and Bowie Knife attachment off the in1 case it has allowed us to make it fully TSA Compliant.

Yes! Thats right the In1 case is also TSA compliant! Which means that you can plan a trip with your new lover without being scared of holding up the queue explaining that it isn’t a weapon, it is actually just a phone case (they might still be interested in its fantastic design though)."

Perfect for my lifestyle

A pen! An analog writing device on my iPhone case! Brilliant. I can use it to fill in customs forms when I travel. And the screwdrivers and scissors are perfect for small repairs in hotel rooms.

Injecting zest into your product descriptions

So many product descriptions are boring.

How can you learn from the good people at IN1 and talk about things like 1985 GMC Pacers or a wildebeest or new lovers when describing what your company has to offer!?