Is social media worth the risk? A lawyer's perspective

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My blog post from a few days ago When lawyers stupidly get in the way of marketing generated a bunch of tweets, comments, and emails. Clearly others have faced the issue of lawyers getting in the way of marketing.

I wanted to offer the unique perspective of Vivienne Storey, General Manager of BlandsLaw, a boutique law firm specializing in Australian employment law.

Vivienne has experience working in Public Relations with Shearwater in Zimbabwe. Now, in her role at a law firm, she advises global companies such as Deutsche Bank, ING Bank, Nestle, Phillip Morris and Deloitte about social media in the workplace.

Vivienne is active on Twitter @mysocialpolicy, on Facebook, and writes a popular blog called Social Media Lawyer.

Since it is so rare that someone has been a PR pro, is active in real-time media, and currently works on the legal side, I wanted to find out more. I interviewed Vivienne several months ago when I was running a real-time marketing Masterclass in Sydney.

Direct link to the video on YouTube.

The questions I asked Vivienne were:

  • How do you work to convince CEOs and the legal staff that social media is worth the risk?
  • What do companies need within their social media guidelines?
  • Should the guidelines be made public?

Come on lawyers. Let's work to overcome the fear of social media. Please be agents of change (like Vivienne) and get people access to the real-time communications tools they are using anyway.